The Diversity of What Wo/man Should Be

I might as well warn you now: I am reading a lot of theology for this term, and will probably be posting on theological topics at length.  One of my classes is strictly focusing on Paul Tillich, while another is on feminist theology and theory, reading folks like Mary Daly and Simone de Beauvoir.  I will post my book list soon for the latter class just to show off how awesome it is.

But today’s p0st is on Tillich.  I just finished the introduction to Systematic Theology.  I have many questions and quibbles and concerns, as well as many points of agreement, but I won’t focus on one of them now.  But I did want to raise one foreseeable problem I have with the direction Tillich seems to be taking, and I thought I would post it here as an experiment in tracking the development of my response to a specific problem over time.  More after the jump.

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