Also, mad bloggy love

Y’all just have to read Shakesville, one of my all-time favorite blogs; when I grew disenchanted with Feministing after their eight thousandth post about Jessica Valenti’s wedding, this is the feminist blog that replaced it in my semi-regular reading list.

A few good keepers are Feminism 101 and Rape Culture 101, which I think are better textbooks than any class you can take of the same name.  A particularly good post from the series, and one that I think speaks to some issues raised by my Divinity School colleagues recently, is this: Angry Men, Searching Men — and What They Can Learn From Girls and Queers.

The Mikado: A Most Amusing…Minstrel-Show?

So I went to see The Mikado, by Gilbert and Sullivan, tonight.  I was of mixed feelings about the whole affair.  It was amusing enough and the singing was alright (although certain roles left something to be desired — I had the distinct feeling one of the actors was trying to do his best interpretation of Scooby-Doo as an opera singer).  Others were quite good, especially the unscrupulous character whose “shtick” was being an official who held a number of positions — attorney general, prime solicitor, chief justice, home secretary, chancellor of the exchequer, and so forth — and who often used these positions to a…synergy…not often found in government.

At the same time, the choreography left much to be desired, and the articulation of the chorus made much of the singing a mash of undistinguished words.  I laughed not a few times when a particularly inept chorus member bumped into someone or handled a set piece badly in between scenes.  But hey, it was a university production at a university not known for its opera programs or music department.  I’m not going to be too picky.

But there was something I didn’t like…below the jump.

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