Rod Dreher doesn’t understand culture re: fat people

Well, just when you thought Rod Dreher couldn’t get more annoying, he comes out with this post.  A taste:

I push back hard against well-meaning people like Harriet Brown, not because I think Fat People Are Bad, but because I want to push back against this culture that tells me I can’t overcome my own sloth and gluttony, that I ought to settle for the spiritual disorder that results in my being overweight.  Weight loss really is hard, …you have to push back against this permissive, indulgent culture at every turn.

He’s referencing an article by Harriet Brown in which she basically finds that medical professionals are willing to say horrible things about fat people without hiding their biases.  Furthermore, Brown outlines how this attitude among medical professionals leads them to treat fat patients with less respect, spend less time with them, work less hard on their cases, and assume that they won’t follow prescribed treatment.  (And we wonder why there might be health issues associated with obesity — I’m not saying that weight has nothing to do with it, only that the cultural attitudes held by your primary care-giver might play into the quality of care received.)

But Dreher is really annoying here, and he’s annoying because his assumption is basically wrong.

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Also, mad bloggy love

Y’all just have to read Shakesville, one of my all-time favorite blogs; when I grew disenchanted with Feministing after their eight thousandth post about Jessica Valenti’s wedding, this is the feminist blog that replaced it in my semi-regular reading list.

A few good keepers are Feminism 101 and Rape Culture 101, which I think are better textbooks than any class you can take of the same name.  A particularly good post from the series, and one that I think speaks to some issues raised by my Divinity School colleagues recently, is this: Angry Men, Searching Men — and What They Can Learn From Girls and Queers.