…but it’s always been burning…

If you don’t stop me now, I’ll make Billy Joel references all night.  Another post on Mr. Steyn from Mark Adomanis at True/Slant.  Excerpt:

Given that Steyn has been withering, even fanatical, in his criticisms of the modern feminist movement (seriously, don’t take my word for it, go read some of the stuff he’s written), his recent embrace of it has to be among the most shockingly hypocritical and/or cynical bits of posturing I can remember. When Steyn pens one word apologizing for his shameful pimping of the Iraq war (and the hundreds of thousands of Muslim lives it snuffed out) or his disgusting apologetics for torture thenmaybe I’ll believe him that he’s been transformed from a neocon red in tooth and claw into a soft-cuddly and womens’-rights-defending bleeding heart liberal. Until then I’ll just assume that he’s being as dishonest and hackish as usual.

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