We didn’t start the flame war

So my post yesterday got linked by Mr. Steyn along with some drivel about how I was his “boring reader of the day,” or some such, for being disinclined to take his concern for other people at face value when the concern is expressed as a brickbat against everyone who dislikes his politics — and for feeling that if we were not engaged in protracted conflict with certain Muslim people, he would be far less interested in defending Muslim women from violence.

So I have about 15 comments pending moderation, all of them coming from the illustrious readership of Mr. Steyn’s hackfest.  *sigh*

I will go through them and approve the ones that aren’t obvious trolling, and seem to be posted by well-meaning people who disagree. [See Edit Notice] Some of the comments do raise points worth parsing, although the vast majority of them consist of “lolol you are such a decadent and weak pc liberal.”  Funny, I would have thought people tired of being called fascist would opt to less regularly deploy rhetoric used by Mussolini to attack Western democracies.  But it may take a bit of time, I’m still working on my final papers on God, Christ, and Spirit.

For now, a little trip through Wikipedia would benefit everyone.

EDIT: All comments, troll or non-troll, to the preceding article have been approved.

2 comments on “We didn’t start the flame war

  1. Quinne says:

    That’s annoying. And, you know, earlier today I was going to leave some tweaking comment about how, as we’ve talked about, women quite frequently commit domestic violence against men, too, and how they’re also coming from a position of privilege (viz. the assumption that violence committed by females will not be taken seriously [support].) But I’m not so sure I want to have that discussion with the NRO readership, either.

    I was touched by this poem coming up in the WordPress related posts, even though you didn’t mention domestic violence at all in this post. God, did you do that? If so, fuck you; I was praying for ENDA.

    • tolkienista says:

      Your points about women committing violence against men are, of course, well taken, and I do not argue them. Especially because I know more than a few men who have suffered such abuse. That said, I don’t think that agreeing with your point necessarily invalidates anything I said elsewhere.

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