(God) I Love Philip Pullman

Andrew Sullivan posted this video:

Let me be clear: I don’t agree with Pullman on his materialist atheism.  But boy do I love a man who defends free speech like this!

But on this Good Friday, I thought I would say this: Christ was a scoundrel, and the Christian who is offended by that statement hasn’t read the gospels.  The Christ I proclaim as crucified on this day threw a wrench in the organized system of cruelty that was the Roman Empire, and was hung between robbers as a result.  The Christ I worship opened his public ministry to scoundrels and vagabonds and the powerless.  I pray that I might one day be counted as such a scoundrel.

2 comments on “(God) I Love Philip Pullman

  1. Tolkienista says:

    I think that Philip Pullman, in His Dark Materials, basically undermines a good many of the premises he claims to have written it to defend. His other public statements indicate a basically materialist conception of the world, and so…and so HDM is always confusing, in that light.

    Also, yeah, I don’t know a thing about this book. I just liked the video. Because seriously, people don’t seem to be able to comprehend that someone saying or publishing something is not a compulsion of their own assent. Well, I guess…I guess it can be, to the extent that word-worlds can create matrices of possibility, but still.

  2. That was well said [when I wrote that I meant Pullman, but you too I guess!] I really hope Pullman isn’t writing another Jesus-as-person novel, though. Seems like his talents could be put to better use elsewhere.

    Also, after reading His Dark Materials, isn’t it hard to call Phillip Pullman a materialist of any stripe? (Then again, I suppose you know better than me in this case.)

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