Also, mad bloggy love

Y’all just have to read Shakesville, one of my all-time favorite blogs; when I grew disenchanted with Feministing after their eight thousandth post about Jessica Valenti’s wedding, this is the feminist blog that replaced it in my semi-regular reading list.

A few good keepers are Feminism 101 and Rape Culture 101, which I think are better textbooks than any class you can take of the same name.  A particularly good post from the series, and one that I think speaks to some issues raised by my Divinity School colleagues recently, is this: Angry Men, Searching Men — and What They Can Learn From Girls and Queers.


5 comments on “Also, mad bloggy love

  1. Quinne says:

    Melissa McEwan’s approach reads as if it’s carefully calculated to destroy feminist efforts to reach out to reach out to transwomen and men by condescendingly using them as rhetorical props. (Am I supposed to appreciate this bullshit? Seriously, what the fuck? Also, men can stop rape by talking to other men about it. Just like men have solved the other issues they sometimes talk to each other about, like poverty and global warming — wait, you’re telling me they haven’t? Shit. As I was saying, all men are responsible for poverty because…)

    What scares me is that she might sincerely not realize what she’s doing wrong.

    • Quinne says:

      I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention the “You see this fist? This is my moral authority”-style comments policy, which leads to absolutely zero productive discussions ever happening in the comments. Even Alas and Feministing do much better.

    • tolkienista says:

      One of the great things I appreciate about you, Quinne, is that you read far more vociferously and widely than I do, even on the things I recommend and so should, in theory, have fully checked out first. Your cited examples are good — and I agree that McEwan’s approach to forum moderation is a buzzkill. That said, I’ve never seen a productive discussion in Feministing, I gave up on that blog after the twelfth post about how terrible it was to like weddings but hate the wedding industry but love the visual profile in wedding industry magazines but not be sure about the ideology of weddings but oh the tax breaks. The vomit taste in my mouth just got to be too much.

      • Quinne says:

        I don’t actively read Feministing and I can’t remember now what prompted me to mention it; it was probably a specific thread. As for Alas (which has been down all day for some reason) I’ve actually started commenting there, but only in the lightly trafficked “Debate Annex,” as I’m not sure I’m ready to take on certain of the regular commenters en masse. I have nothing against Ampersand’s moderation, which seems relatively light; but Mandolin has made some past moderation decisions there that I did not agree with. Mandolin seems to stay away from TADA, though.

        Anyway, I only read so much because I’m unemployed. There are always tradeoffs.

  2. oddrid says:

    I looove Shakesville. ❤

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